Cubs: What is the point of the 60 man player pool if it’s not being used?

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Chicago Cubs: Big Jon wants to know what is going on

Back to the use of the player pool for positive-testing players, though. I fully understand the issues and limitations of testing in MLB and America right now as it pertains to COVID-19. What I don’t understand is why this pool was even created if the goal was to replace positive-testing players with minor league replacements from an alternate site.

While on the surface, it may have sounded like an acceptable idea, this plan hasn’t come to fruition at all with the Marlins or Cardinals and seems more of pretense or smoke and mirrors. Wasn’t the player pool supposed to be in existence for just this reason?

Granted, for the integrity (whatever’s left after the Astros, Joe Kelly, and a 60 game schedule) of the sport, you don’t want Jack Flaherty or Carlos Martinez to be replaced by an A-ball pitcher- but then why do we even have a 60 man player pool?

If this pool doesn’t exist to fill gaps caused by positive-testing players, call each team’s pool a Minor League Camp and end the farce of it being akin to some taxi squad. It hasn’t been deployed in such a way, games are being postponed, and schedules for multiple teams are absolutely incinerated. Why? Is this really what MLB intended? I sure hope not, because it isn’t working- but maybe MLB has an ace in the hole and knows how to remedy this going forward.

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If the 60 man player pool was never meant to replace portions of teams because of the coronavirus, then just make teams use the already-in-place 40 man roster with the included undisclosed three-man taxi complement.