Cubs: What is the point of the 60 man player pool if it’s not being used?

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Chicago Cubs
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Despite MLB’s initial 2020 season setup, including a 60 man player pool, the pool has yet to be used effectively.

While MLB, the Chicago Cubs (and even the Cardinals) may be a straightforward and large target at the moment, a  couple of disclaimers and caveats from the start. First off, I certainly don’t want anyone to get sick or hurt entertaining all of us by playing baseball. With all of the obstacles, issues, and hoops to be jumped through, the season probably shouldn’t have been played- and at this point- it still might struggle to even limp to its proverbial finish line.

Secondly, I don’t know if the Cards aren’t playing the Cubs this weekend because they already played the cards, or if players just got the coronavirus doing everyday-type things in a safe/socially-distanced way. I’m just going to assume they were all tucked safely in their hotel room beds by curfew time reading Teammate or watching clips of Johnny Chan on YouTube.

I also need to mention that this is an issue that’s affecting the Cubs in a very direct way this weekend, and that’s the reason for this article- but it’s been an issue that has been sticking in many fanbase’s craws for the past couple weeks already. Call me crazy, but something tells me it might even continue to so. Then again, the only thing rookie manager David Ross and the Cubs can do is play the hand they were dealt and double down on everything good they’ve been doing so far this season.