Cubs: Standings prediction for the 2020 MLB season

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Chicago Cubs: Not everyone is high on the North Siders this year, but a lot can happen in just 60 games.

The long-waited Chicago Cubs and 2020 MLB season is slated to begin this week. A 60-game season with a universal DH, automatic runner on second in extras, and empty ballparks will likely see some crazy things. Baseball is an odd game, and a small sample size can allow for teams to surprise people for better or for worse. In the end, predicting standings for this season and the Cubs is hard. The biggest hope is that they can play safely during the pandemic, which has to be taken very seriously.

With that said, we will make predictions anyway. While a 60-game sample size might not necessarily reflect how good or bad each team is, these predictions will mostly be based on the talent level each team has and what direction they are trending in. Each division will be covered in both leagues and will include a prediction of which teams will be postseason bound.

Of course, since this a Chicago Cubs website, there will be an emphasis on where they finish. Based on other predictions from experts, it is fair to say people are not overly high on them, but there is still some optimism they could be postseason bound. Without further ado, here are predictions for the 2020 MLB season.