Cubs: David Ross stoked to have umpiring crew during Summer Camp

The Cubs looked to the future when hiring David Ross. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
The Cubs looked to the future when hiring David Ross. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs’ David Ross is happy to have Tony Randazzo and his umpiring crew during Summer Camp.

It wasn’t the Chicago Cubs‘ mental skills coach (wait, what?) John Baker wasn’t holding up his end. He was a good umpire–so to speak. But Tony Randazzo and his crew will take over the calls. Considering it will be a ‘spring training’ for the umpires, that’s fine by me. They can use help once in a while.

Cubs’ manager David Ross thinks it will be a great thing. And he and Randazzo–both behind the plate for years–will create a think tank, perhaps. Whatever it is, it’s a good thing. Ross and Randazzo are bouncing stuff off each other.

"“I think it’s going to affect the mental skills department too,” Ross said, laughing. “Yeah, I’m excited about getting real umpires up here. Bake’s been doing a good job for us, but every chance we get an opportunity to turn up the dial and make it as game-like as possible, the better.” h/t Maddie Lee, NBC Sports Chicago"

The goal is to create a ‘sounding board’ for the coaches and the players. If they dig into what they’re mind is like before the season starts? It all begins with the preseason. If they can get some time in (did they have it?), it progresses exponentially. They missed 34,294 pitches on ball-strike counts in 2018. They need work. Baker was proud of himself, though.

Ross, pre-Baker, has some issues ‘punching people out,’ But still, it has some unique perspectives to it. First, you can’t argue with them. Second, you can’t get ‘in their face.’ Grin and bear it, am I right? But the players maintain the good graces they had before.

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The catchers calling the games are fun. But the umpiring crew will be a welcome addition to the camp. And Randazzo and crew will be there for the duration of it because of COVID-19. Because of the coronavirus, the umpiring teams will ‘stay-put’ for Summer Camp.

The Cubs will be welcoming the umpiring crew later this week.