Chicago Cubs: Big early takeaways one week into Cubs camp

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Chicago Cubs: The team leader looks like he is in the best shape of his life, but there is one nagging issue that is already being managed with caution

A week into summer camp, we are already seeing first baseman Anthony Rizzo sitting out scrimmages and is a day-to-day status with back problems. This has been something that has nagged Rizzo in the last several years. It is clear that despite being in really great shape, the back issues are not going to go away.

Ross told 670 the Score his back is, “moving in the right direction.” Like seasons past, it looks like something that will end up being okay after a short period of time but is still nonetheless a nagging issue. This is (pun intended) a painful reminder of the team leader’s biggest obstacle he will likely have to deal with in a given season. It is smart the Cubs are not taking chances with him in preseason activities while his back is tight and risking him making it worse.

This situation could open the door to Rizzo playing some DH this year to help keep him in the lineup and not having to strain his back too much in the field. It would stink to not have his spectacular glove at first, but better to have him at least in the lineup than not playing at all.

At least Rizzo sitting out gave us the gems of him enjoying a scrimmage game in bleachers by himself like a casual fan.