Chicago Cubs: Kris Bryant seems more open to an extension – just not right now

Kris Bryant / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)
Kris Bryant / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
Kris Bryant / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs: The landscape has changed over the last six months

On Monday, Bryant was asked if “he’d be more open to an extension than he may have been before.” His response: “I would say, ‘yeah.'” Now contrary to what you might think, that’s not all that different to his replies in the past. He’s always had a lot of good things to say about the organization – and his latest was no different.

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"“I would like to think that I wouldn’t be shipped out in the middle of a pandemic,” Bryant said. “But I’m trying to make it clear that I really love it here. I love playing here, and I love everything about the city and the people.”"

We honestly hadn’t heard much on that front of late – and that’s not really a surprise. Ownership’s public stance as far as finances go is that they’re hemorrhaging money on a ‘biblical’ scale. That’s on top of the fact that Tom Ricketts had no intention of spending even pre-coronavirus pandemic. Taking all that into account, it’s hard to envision a fair deal being worked out this season.

For Bryant, that’s just fine. He made it clear that talking about such a deal right now would be in poor taste given the economic devastation COVID-19 continues to leave in its wake across the globe. Again, that’s the right answer. That’s what you want the face of your franchise to say in such a situation. People really don’t give this guy the credit he deserves.

He’s a father now. The economic landscape of the sport is on uneven ground, to say the least. We’re less than two years from a potential labor stoppage and CBA negotiations. Could all of these factors create a perfect storm? One that would keep Bryant in Chicago the rest of his career?

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"“You want to be around people that want you and care for you and I’ve certainly felt that being a Chicago Cub.”"