Chicago Cubs: David Ross feels like they should get a trophy

David Ross - Chicago Cubs (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images)
David Ross - Chicago Cubs (Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs’ David Ross feels like they need a trophy. Not for winning the World Series, but for managing the 60-game sprint.

The Chicago CubsDavid Ross would like a trophy. But a World Series trophy? That would be nice–but no. Manager of the Year? Also, a beautiful piece of hardware to put on your mantle–but also, no. Managing the 60-game sprint, a month of playoffs, and every bit of that 3 1/2 months to produce a 2020 trophy?

It’s impossible to ignore what COVID-19 has meant to people. And with new cases across Texas, Florida and Arizona, home to five of MLBs 30 teams? Not good at all. And new cases are popping up in Cook County, where the Cubs play.

Just last week, two staffers for the Cubs tested positive for COVID-19. The staff, designated ‘Tier 1′, or those allowed closest contact to the players. The staff won’t start with the team because of a positive test.

COVID-19 has barely started testing, but the Philadelphia Phillies had 12 positive cases. Colorado Rockies’ Charlie Blackmon was infected. What about the players who opt-out of it? Right now, the Washington Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross have opted-out. The Arizona Diamondbacks’ Mike Leake and the Colorado Rockies’ Ian Desmond have as well. Desmond had a word, as well. 

"“We’re hopeful that all the protocols can keep guys safe once they’re here. Some will come down to testing and strict protocols, and then some of it’s going to come down to behavior,” Hoyer said. h/t Gordon Wittenmyer, NBC Sports Chicago"

As players, you’ll travel to COVID-19 ‘hot spots’, it’s clear that the pandemic is more significant than you realized. Jed Hoyer and Ross will start messaging about the new–and uncomfortable–safety protocols. Mask requirements? Distancing yourselves on spitting and high-fives? Or having no fans?  I have to be honest with the safety protocols–they suck.

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Ross is right. They do deserve a trophy. A World Series trophy would be great. But for managing the game with all the variables at hand? A trophy would be beautiful.