Chicago Cubs: Players and coaches undergo COVID-19 testing

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs held COVID-19  for the players and coaches in the player parking lot–while more than 50 players need to be tested in the coming days

The Chicago Cubs have started the COVID-19 testing in the Wrigleyville player parking lot on Saturday. While Jason Heyward is part of it, more than 50 players will need to be tested in the coming days. It opened in the morning, was closed by mid-afternoon on Saturday. But brace yourselves–COVID-19 is coming.

The NBA has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Five percent, give or take. That’s 100 players or four to five per team in baseball. And that doesn’t include player’s who opt-out. Can you imagine half your team not being out there?

Cubs and COVID-19

I must admit, I’ve had it twice now. The first time you get the test? Three seconds of torture. But the second and third time? (I have to get it monthly) It’s not that bad. You’ll tear up, but it’s okay. I’ll let you see what’s happening. The people that hate it? It’s three seconds–then you’re done.

Add to that there’s an excessive amount of players who live in Florida, Texas, California and Texas. Big spikes in those states. It just takes one new instance of the coronavirus to cancel baseball. Well, 100 players–or higher. But who’s counting?

Former Cubs skipper Dusty Baker and Joe Maddon–71 and 66, respectively–said they’re mindful of when the club’s startup. The Astros skipper Baker would be more vigilant than he has been.  And Maddon said he’d be as prepared as possible when his Angels restart.

Among those listed are Rockies David Dahl (he had his spleen removed in 2015) and Nationals Sean Doolittle whose wife had a pre-existing condition.

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The hope? That the initial test will produce most of the positive tests. That way, the four-month grind matters.

I wonder if season tickets holders–who they claim they are offering tickets, too–will have COVID-19 testing? I mean, it’s possible. Does one COVID-19 infected person infect one without the COVID-19 virus? A star player, perhaps? You never know.