Chicago Cubs: Bryant, Rizzo batting 1-2 for the season

Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

In case you didn’t know, the Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo will hit 1-2 for the fast-paced 60-games. The Cubs will see if they can do it–and try to sign them if they do. 

The Chicago CubsKris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo will hit 1-2 for the team this summer. And it makes sense. You got to have your best players hit at the top of the lineup. And if you say ‘they only hit leadoff one time’? Poppycock. You hit first or second; you get more at-bats. It’s science. No, it is.

The Cubs and ‘Bryzzo’

Bryant hits first. Rizzo, second. It’s got a good ring to it. And the Cubs need it. In five seasons under Joe Maddon, that was the only season they didn’t make the playoffs. The numbers? A pathetic .212 average with an on-base percentage of .294. Might as well kiss the Cubs farewell with those kinds of numbers.

Rizzo’s high on Bryant. The Cubs have used 17 leadoff hitters since Dexter Fowler left. Three years, 17 failed leadoff hitters. The reason Rizzo so elated by Bryant? He has the skills, plus he wants to do it.

"‘Have you seen the back of his baseball card?’’ Rizzo said. ‘‘He’s consistent, he gets on base and he’s arguably the best baserunner we have.’’ h/t Steve Greenberg, Chicago Sun-Times"

So what gives? Bryant’s a ‘power’ bat. Right? Right AND wrong. His career .385 OBP is easily tops on the team. And the OBP was .409 in 2017. He manages to get close to it? I’m happy. Rizzo is happy. Everyone is happy.

And David Ross? Check out this four-month-old comment.

"‘I think that’s our best player, and I want to put him at the top.’’"

I think Bryant is the best. Javier Baez? Crafty. But we’re getting off tangent. Rizzo has crushed it during the quarantine. Is Rizzo the best? The best hitter, that’s for sure. So Rizzo, Bryant or Baez? That’s funny. Three different players competing for best, and we’re shooting for third or fourth in the ‘division?’ That isn’t right.

Cubs need someone to win the second base job. dark. Next

Kyle Schwarber. Jason Heyward. Albert Almora. None got it done hitting leadoff with the Cubs. Maybe Bryant could be the one?