Chicago Cubs: David Ross under more pressure in short season

David Ross (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
David Ross (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Will all players perform for Ross?

Just before spring training, some of the Cubs were in the news for possibly being traded or moved for this reason or that. However, when spring training was in full swing, it seemed from all the media reports that all the chatter about ”this one leaving” or ”that one being cashed in” all went away.

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During the COVID19-hiatus, a lot of these rumors and chatter about players and the Cubs stars resurfaced. Most of it stemmed from sportswriters who didn’t have much to write about with MLB in limbo. Needless to say, how we got here, the fact remains that there may be some players that don’t give it they’re all for fear of getting injured.

There is also the Pro Bowl effect, which have some MLB enthusiasts concerned. The notion is that this season will turn into some type of joke where players don’t really commit or try their best to win. Basically, they are just going through the motions once a winner looks like it has been determined. Some might also call this type of competition: safe play.

Imagine if you’re Ross, and you already lost half your season without even losing or winning a game. You then find out you will have to manage your team for 60 games, so you begin thinking about a strategy. Later, you find out that your player’s hearts aren’t really into the season, and the chance to win your first year as a manager goes away like that.

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Ross has got a lot on his plate as just a first-year manager; add to that pressure the need to win a short 60-game season while keeping your eye out for players duffing it, and you begin to see what an effort this will be.

One thing Ross has going for him are the players that want him to win his first season and the club that is willing to help bring on some talent if the need arises. It may not take more than that to take home the world championship this year.

Ross knows it.