Chicago Cubs: Illinois opens Cubs, White Sox to fans?

Ian Happ (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
Ian Happ (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs and the White Sox will have fans. But here’s the catch for that.

The Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox will still have fans–only there’s not going to be many of them. Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker will allow approximately 20% capacity for a pandemic riddled season, plus concessions with restrictions. h/t Alex Shapiro, NBC Sports Chicago

That’s roughly 8,000 per franchise through Phase 4. In Michigan, we’re on Phase 2. Although Cook County is the highest county in the land, Pritzker said they would be able to meet Phase 4 by Friday at the latest. So 319 miles, give or take, as the crow flies from Michigan to Chicago. They will be at Phase 4 by Friday. We will be at Phase 2–maybe Phase 3–at the end of the week.

Hmm..if there was any way to make bank on this?

Texas, Alabama, Florida, and Ohio have all opened outdoor sporting events. Ohio, the first venue to host a PGA Tour event since the coronavirus pandemic forced in March. Texas and Florida–plus Arizona–were the likely locations for the MLB. Now, they will play at their ballparks, with some stipulations.

As I see it, there will be no fans in the stands at any game. Why would you allow someone like Chicago to have fans, and there will be none in Milwaukee? Or at Busch Stadium? C’mon, man. Leave it be and have no fans at the ballpark. But concessions make money. And I can see the governor to ‘do the right thing’ for his ‘people.’

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I’ll admit, going to see the Cubs with 8,000 fans? It’s like going to Wrigley Field in the mid-90s. No, for real. Remember the Kerry Wood game? Fun fact, I WASN’T at it. But the paid attendance was about 15,000. Real-time attendance? About seven to eight thousand fans. I could have claimed I was at it. But I wasn’t. Does that count for something? No? Well, shoot.