Chicago Cubs: Cubs draft superhuman hurler throwing 105 mph

C.D. Pelham, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
C.D. Pelham, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: 105 mph? Priceless

Now I know there is some wise-ass out there, right now in some chat room saying something like, “Just cause he can throw it 105 mph doesn’t mean he has the accuracy as well. Anyone can throw 105 mph without accuracy…”

I say try it, tough guy. Take a video of it, cause I want to laugh my head off when your arm comes out of its socket and goes flailing around or better yet, shoots right out of its socket and across the yard and knocks Granny out cold.

It is tough to throw a ball 105 mph with or without accuracy. The point is: this kid can do it with precision! Time to have some fun!

The workout posted on Twitter took place on May 9, 2020. I wonder if quarantining had anything to do with it? Maybe Little had been locked down for 60 days prior, and his arm was like a Rocket-propelled-grenade launcher (RPG) ready to unleash some devastation? Not a bad name either, Luke’ RPG’ Little… oh I LIKES that.

Considering that Chapman is only 6 foot 4 inches, you can imagine at Little’s height, what velocity he may be capable of attaining.  As I said, Little was just drafted and if Epstein were to send him to a Cubs velocity camp; in three weeks Little could add anywhere from 1 – 3 mph on his heat just by fine-tuning his mechanics and adjusting the training methods in his routine like breathing.

Is it possible that Little could show up for duty throwing 108 mph? Now you’re beginning to understand. Yes, super-human.

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Little may have the strength, height and tools to break Chapman’s record since Chapman achieved his 105 mph on the New York Yankees and supposedly threw a 106 mph while on the Cincinnati Reds, Little would be the first Chicago Cubs pitcher to break the record while in a Cubs uniform.

Of course, Cubs fans would certainly go crazy if Little broke the world record at Wrigley Field; it might just get Little on the marquee with Cubs former heroes Kerry Wood and Greg Maddux.

Think of all those sluggers Little is going to smoke at the plate in the future. They won’t even see it coming at 108 mph.

I hear rumors that Epstein’s next prospect can create natural tar under his fingernails.

Okay, I’m just kidding… or am I?