Cubs: Here are the five Chicago Cubs 2020 Draftees

Theo Epstein, David Ross, Chicago Cubs (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
Theo Epstein, David Ross, Chicago Cubs (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs create tons of excitement with five upside picks in the 2020 MLB draft.

While 2020 continues to be one of the stranger and most controversially depressing years in documented human existence, Chicago Cubs fans were able to put on a few smiles over the past few days given the draft their team just had.

As with everything else in this seemingly forsaken year, the draft was completely different this season due to a lack of rounds, scouting, games played, and for some teams- slot money for picks. Only five rounds this season (after lasting 40 rounds since 2012 and 50 rounds from 1998-2011), clubs had to have a razor-sharp focus during the attenuated draft.

With no margin for error, the Cubs went for high-upside talent in all five picks. While some may be closer than others to displaying that talent at Wrigley Field, all five can get there if developed effectively.

Will that happen? Probably not. However, with only five draftees, you can be sure these guys will be followed closely as they progress through the Cubs system (whenever that system can start up again, that is). Read on for a recap on all five of the Cubs exciting picks in 2020- including a bit of a philosophical shift in the first round where they went with a prep player instead of a college guy for the first time since selecting Albert Almora out of high school in 2012.