2009 Chicago Cubs carry a disheartening historical significance

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: An era came to an end after the 2009 season concluded

From 1981 through 2009, the Cubs were owned by the Chicago Tribune company. It was announced during the 2009 season that the Tribune would be selling the team to the Ricketts family, a process that took longer than hoped. The original intention was to sell the team after the 2007 season, but the economic troubles that came in 2008 put a small damper on that plan.

On October 27, 2009, the Ricketts officially became the majority owners of the Cubs, Wrigley Field, and CSN. When the Tribune bought the Cubs in 1981, the goal was to get the franchise back to winning after decades of futility. While coming close a few times, the Cubs did not understand that elusive World Series under the Tribune, and 2009 was a fitting end to their ownership. A brief flash of hope, but nothing doing.

Under the Tribune, the Cubs won five division titles, went to the postseason six times, had 11 winnings seasons (above .500) and no pennants or World Series. The last Cub to bat under Tribune ownership was Geovany Soto, who struck out to end the season on October 4, 2009.