Chicago Cubs: Mount Carmel keeps producing superstars

Ed Howard, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Justin Merriman/Getty Images)
Ed Howard, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Justin Merriman/Getty Images) /
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Ed Howard, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs: Why Mount Carmel High School continues to produce the nation’s top athletes.

Mount Carmel High School was founded in the fall of 1900 in the City of Chicago, near the University of Chicago, Jackson Park and Lake Michigan. Student-athletes known as the ‘Caravan’ can often be seen running up past the museums near the University after school; maybe it’s here that the young students begin thinking of life’s journey toward education and then glory. Not too far from those museums is Soldier Field and Wrigley Field, where there are visions of fame as well.

The all-male students are recruited throughout the northern and southern suburbs to attend Mt. Carmel as a college-prep high school. Since as far back as the 1960s, the coaching staff has been heavily involved in keeping an eye out for young talent in the suburban Catholic and public schools.

With the promise of a college-prep education and a reputation as a professional athlete breeding ground, students are traveling to the most dangerous part of Chicago to be part of Mt. Carmel’s small but mighty, training ground for life.

Results speak for themselves as Mt. Carmel points to hundreds of graduates going on to college and more. The school continues to produce high-quality students, athletes and men.

Upon entering the Mt. Carmel cafeteria/student center, visitors can see a sign that has greeted generations of boys entering Mt. Carmel or heading through the doorway onto their classes. The sign simply reads,

"“You came to Carmel as a boy, if you care to struggle and work at it, you will leave as a man.”"

According to the school’s website, this motto defines Carmel men as hard-working, dedicated men of character who fight through adversity. If a student transferred from Mt. Carmel in their senior year to most public schools, they could immediately graduate as requirements outside of Mt. Carmel are not as strict.

The heavy academic load helps students prepare for some of the best colleges in the nation. While students struggle through challenging academics of the college-prep school, there is a sort of anticipation or knowledge among students that some of the best minds, talent, and athletes are right there as classmates.