Chicago Cubs: Will baseball be back on July 1 or August 1?

(Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for SiriusXM,)
(Photo by Larry French/Getty Images for SiriusXM,) /

The 2020 MLB season has turned into a battle. The players vs the owners. And with this battle, the hope for a season is completely up in the air.

While this article is being written the ball is in the owner’s court. That means they have to come up with a new plan or a counteroffer to the player’s proposed 114 game season, including the Chicago Cubs. The owners also have to come up with a good enough offer to avoid a strike next year or make a strike next year seem like a bad idea to the players.

But right now more than ever all the players are not budging and seem like a gigantic brick wall begging for the golden egg from Willy Wonka. While the season is still up in the air on whether it will happen or not, every week we get a glimmer of hope.

This is turning into a huge “Will the owners do the right thing?” show. Everybody knows that the players want to play more games and that they are ready to go if the amount of games is right and they avoid a pay cut.

The owners are thinking about the new player’s contract next year more than anything, they also know that baseball could start July 1st and get in a decent amount of games. But they would rather chicken fight with the players to not make them strike next year.

I think baseball should come back ASAP. The owners need to pull up their pants and get a good proposal to the players and get the season rolling. Why wouldn’t you want this season to happen as an owner? Everybody misses baseball they miss their teams on a Sunday morning or a Tuesday night. I want a nice July day watching baseball in the living room with friends and family, that’s it.

This next proposal better get it done, baseball fans need the MLB. 50 games, 114 games, 80 games, I don’t know what will come out of this next proposal but it will be in the 50-114 games range. And I think this proposal will have a possible section of fans returning but at low capacity and not until November if current trends continue with COVID-19.

Whenever the new MLBPA contract rolls around or any sports players associations new players contract is about to come, they get really feisty and don’t want to do anything they don’t want to. If it does become a short season how will the Chicago Cubs fare? Will they be able to compete?

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Back to the glimmer of hope we get once a week, this week’s was yesterday Chicago Cubs’ Ian Happ and Dakota Mekkes are road tripping to Chicago from “The Compound”. This is a sliver of hope about the season returning or the person who was renting “The Compound” to Happ decided to make him leave.

Do you think that the MLB season will return anytime soon?