Chicago Cubs: MLB owners’ myopia could destroy baseball

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Chicago Cubs
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MLB owners’ decision to play 2020 season boils down to about $10 million each.

Everyone has lost something in 2020 they will never get back. Whether it’s education, time, work, money, respect – or even life itself, the first five months of this year have been about as crazy and disheartening as most of us can remember. ‘

While the loss of baseball seems to be a small blip on the radar of 2020, it’s a large blip for those of us who love and follow the game. We’ve already seen the lack of sports plunge sports media into a catastrophic free-fall financially and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

In fact, contrary to the thought that everything will bounce back once people are able to get back out into the world and social distancing rules subside, I don’t know if things will ever get any better for baseball.

MLB had a chance to lead the professional sports charge right back into the hearts and minds of the American public at large, but alas, they fumbled the opportunity as so many have been fumbled by Commissioner Rob Manfred. Rather than bite tongues and bullets, MLB owners have been myopic about their vested and long-term interest in their own property. Rather than get baseball players back onto the field, Manfred has been preoccupied with pitch clocks and LOOGY usage.