Chicago Cubs: Top 5 worst managers in franchise history

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Chicago Cubs: “College of Coaches”

Let us begin with probably the most disastrous decision in Cub’s front office history. The 1961 season for the Cubs was one of the worst seasons in team history. The idea of “College of Coaches” came from P.K. Wrigley himself. The team and its various managers finished the year going 64-90 and ended not so great with 7th place.

Vedie Himsl began this crazy adventure by just managing 31 games, with a record of 10-21 Wrigley moved on from Himsl and decided to go with a guy named Harry Craft. Craft a former Cincinnati Reds outfielder only lasted a total of 16 games, where he went 7-9 in that time. After the short time of Craft as a manager, Wrigley and the Cubs moved to El Tappe, who managed the Cubs for three times the amount of games that Himsl did.

He finished his time with the Cubs producing a below .500 record of 42-54. The last member to take on the managerial job in the 1961 season was Lou Klein, who finished the previous 11 games with a history of 5-6. The College of Coaches would continue into the next season were three different managers would hold the title. It began with Tappe for 20 games, then Klein helped again before Charlie Metro finished the year going 43-69.