Cubs: MLB’s biggest problem during negotiations, COVID-19 pandemic

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(Photo by Janie Osborne/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs–along with entire league–is irate with MLB. The reason? ‘I just don’t trust those guys’

The Chicago Cubs and the entire league are incredibly disappointed with MLB. The reason is the league misused 20 years of labor peace, and now things are getting antsy with a global pandemic. Much less requiring the players’ union to make ‘concessions’ agreed upon in March to play an abbreviated season.

The 67-page report was unable to get them to a dinner break. Like I said, ‘extremely disappointing.’ MLB insiders say that they are asking ‘massive’ pay cuts outside the prorated salary. And the safety protocols they will be using? ‘Far apart,’ according to an insider.

The COVID-19 virus–which 17 states have an uptick in daily cases? The players and other essential personnel are going to assume the health risks. And Cook County? The No. 1 county for COVID-19 cases. Good for the coronavirus. Bad for the Cubs.

"‘I just don’t trust those guys’, one agent said before the proposal was presented. h/t Gordon Wittenmyer, NBC Sports Chicago"

And you shouldn’t. Look, did the players shoot themselves in the foot in the last CBA? Probably. But metrics-based evaluation trends have cut out the veteran players and players ‘hurt’ in the past. Remember, Steven Souza was injured in the last two seasons. Shows how the Cubs approached the offseason.

"“I think it’s important to remember that the Major League Baseball Players Association has always wanted a market-based system,” commissioner Rob Manfred said during spring training 2019."

This is the same commissioner who is seeking a shared burden of losses in the ‘changed market.’ He began with MLB as outside counsel in 1994-95, and negotiations in the following years who significantly added to the billionaires of the league.

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Either way, it’s terrible for baseball. I was talking to my Dad today. (He has bone and prostate cancer, diagnosed the same week as mine.) He doesn’t care if there is baseball in 2020. And not because he’s bitter about it–although he talked about 2016 and being content with the Cubs World Series.

But because he’s tired of the contracts, the CBA and more. And you know what? I can’t blame him.