Cubs: What about going through the season without Yu Darvish?

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The Chicago Cubs face a tricky situation. What if they play without Yu Darvish? Or the Angels without Mike Trout? It could happen.

The Chicago Cubs fans will not be at the games. That is true. But playing without Yu Darvish? The Cubs and the safety protocols are under heavy advisement after a 67-page earlier in the week. The COVID-19, mind you, is a pandemic. There’s no getting away from it. And the ‘second wave’ comes sooner than later. Leave your facemasks on–even if you don’t think you have to.

As far as financial terms which have yet to be discussed, are set to be talked about this Tuesday. They’ve made the rounds this week, but until testing guidelines come out? There be bigger fish to fry, including Darvish, Trout and several members of the MLBPA.

Trout, who is taking care of his pregnant wife, told ESPN, ‘I’ll be there. I’m not missing the birth of my first child. I know that.’

And likely it won’t be a combative issue. Commissioner Rob Manfred told CNN last week ‘if there are players with either health or their own personal doubts, we would never try to force then to come back to work.’

Darvish, who experienced a cough, got tested for the coronavirus March 5. He escaped COVID-19, but the alert is high for people around him–including Japanese reporters. Also, the risk is high for Anthony Rizzo and Jon Lester, who both had cancer but beat it.

The probability of catching it is likely–meaning no matter how many facemasks you have on. Not to mention the ‘lack of care’ for the facemasks (dropping it off the nose.) Leave the masks on, people. 

Clearly, not one player has said he wouldn’t play. It’s all hearsay. And it’s the players with the financial security to skip the season, but such an impact could be felt by the Cubs. They already spent last winter ‘standing pat’, with no cash to go around.

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Darvish, Trout and more could skip the season–but no player can see the future. They don’t know what the safety measures will entail.

‘No matter what strategy is employed, there’s going to be risk involved. It’s just a question of how much risk tolerance you have.’ said Chicago-based infectious-disease specialist Dr. Robert Citronberg.