Chicago Cubs: Three legends that need to be in MLB the Show

Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
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A Sammy Sosa card would help us relive the Steroid Era in all of its juiced-up glory.

The most obvious choice of Cubs legends to bring into the fold for MLB the Show, however, has to be Sammy Sosa. Slammin’ Sammy’s cards would be all about the power, capturing his prolific hitting powers at the height of the home run chase with rival Redbird slugger Mark McGwire.

Sosa could easily have a Signature card, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he got an awards card for his MVP season in 1998 similar to that of Gary Sheffield’s 99 overall Silver Slugger card. No doubt, the card would have maxed out or near maxed out power and very high contact to reflect the 66 home runs and 160 OPS+ he put up that year. Of course, his even better 2001 could be represented with a Silver Slugger card, but it’d be more fitting to honor the home run chase with a card from that year.

Considering how other players are treated in MLB the Show, Sosa might receive some other cards with lower overalls that players can earn before his end-game card. Something like Sosa’s 2002 season where he led the league in home runs in his age 33 season would be one such candidate for a card.

He certainly has a better chance of getting into The Show than he does of making the Hall of Fame. He could be another high power alternative to cards like the Sheffield mentioned above, and he would easily fit the push to bring in more recent legends of the game. It would certainly be nice, of course, if his fellow home run record chasers McGwire and Barry Bonds could also get in, but we’re focused on Chicago Cubs players here.

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Here’s hoping that Soriano, Santo, and Sosa will eventually make their way into MLB the Show in a future iteration. It’s unlikely that any will make their debut in 2020, but these cards would make great additions to any Diamond Dynasty all-time Cubs teams.