Chicago Cubs: Three legends that need to be in MLB the Show

Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /
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Despite the recent love the Chicago Cubs have received from the MLB the Show franchise, there are still plenty of legends that the team at Sony San Diego Studios could pull from the Northside.

The Chicago Cubs have gotten a lot of attention in MLB the Show in the past two years. Last year saw the addition of legends Kerry Wood and Mark Prior (the former also received a player program in this year’s game) and Javy Baez became the first Cub to appear on the cover of the game for 2020.

Still, a lot of notable legends from the team’s vast pantheon of stars are not represented in the games as of right now. It’s difficult for the team at Sony San Diego Studios to obtain the rights to individual players, but we can dream that our favorite stars from the past will get cards that can be added to our Diamond Dynasty teams.

The introduction of new card sets like the Prime and Awards sets also opens up more opportunities for amazing single-season performances and peak abilities of players to be represented in the game. This is how Jason Heyward received a 95 overall Gold Glove card with the Braves despite his struggles in Chicago. It’s also worth considering a few players with some crossover appeal as there are some legends like Andre Dawson that appear in the game but not in a Cubs uniform.

For me, three hitters immediately stood out and, while adding a new pitcher like Rick Sutcliffe, Al Spalding, or Carlos Zambrano would be great, we’ve just received two new pitching legends in the form of Prior and Wood. Plus, I think these three hitters would be incredibly fun to play around with and are often requested by fans of the franchise.