Chicago Cubs’ former shortstop Ryan Theriot: ‘Stick to your guns’

Ryan Theriot (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)
Ryan Theriot (Photo by Jason O. Watson/Getty Images) /

If a former Chicago Cubs doesn’t trust the owners, who will? Ryan Theriot does not–even though he signed with the St. Louis Cardinals.

Okay, enough about the Chicago Cubs’ Ryan Theriot signing with the Cardinals. He does, however, say that starting the season by July? It likely isn’t going to happen. First off, the players will not have to partake–even if it’s cleared financially and health-wise.

Could you imagine over half the players not playing? It wouldn’t as bad as that. But a third? No Bueno. And COVID-19 seems frightening, considering it’s taken 90,000 lives by last count (Thursday.) But players, past and present, are put in a negative light.

‘The Riot’ was a clubhouse favorite in his time in Chicago. After going to the Dodgers, he won a World Series title with the Cardinals and then with the Giants. 2012 was his last year as he didn’t get a solid offer. He hung it up after that.

As he trains coaches and players, the surge has been felt by Major League Baseball. At his Traction Sports Performance facility in Baton Rouge, La., he expects some top 10 players to go undrafted. The annual 40-round draft has been switched to five rounds, with a $20,000 limit on bonuses for undrafted players.

"“I think it’s very unfortunate right now,” Theriot said. “I personally think because of the state of our world today you’re seeing some people taking advantage of the situation. I know the owners never wanted as many rounds in the draft. They never wanted as many minor-league teams as they had in the past. But that’s the way everything was set up. h/t Gordon Wittenmyer, NBC Sports Chicago"

Theriot says they should ‘stick to their guns’ as for the players coming up behind them. He is among the chorus of voices who says they have never opened up their books to the public (owners).

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The health risk for players, personnel, coaches and other essential workers aren’t as simple than dollar and cents. It’s the coronavirus. It’s being financially stable. It’s protecting yourself, even if you don’t feel like it.