Chicago Cubs: Three reasons why Wrigley Field is elite

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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Wrigley’s urban location, energy and atmosphere

First up is Wrigley’s downtown location. While it might not be located along a body of water or have a scenic nature-oriented view, it sits in the heart of the iconic neighborhood of the north side of Chicago. Realistically, how many other teams can say that?

Also, the community has been built up to be full of bars, and restaurants which make both the pregame and the post-game scene incredibly enjoyable, especially with that classic 1:20 pm starts. If that wasn’t convincing enough, Chicago is the third-largest city in the United States, so for tourists visiting, there is an endless amount of things to do!

Second, we have Wrigley’s energy and atmosphere. It is known that Wrigley has some of the highest attendance rates in baseball. High attendance rates mean lots of fans and excitement at the ballpark. Last season the Cubs ranked fourth in both overall (3,094,865) and per-game attendance (38,208). Whether it be a weekday or a weekend, there is always a big crowd at Wrigley ready to cheer on the Cubbies!

With one lone upper deck where fans are squeezed in together, those present are exposed to a unique, rowdy atmosphere that is bound to get anyone excited and ecstatic for a good ole baseball game. While you could argue that Wrigley is smaller than other ballparks, including Oracle Park of San Francisco, it does provide a more intimate experience with the game that is difficult to get anywhere else nowadays.