Cubs’ Jon Lester wonders how he’ll do with a ‘short’ spring training

Jon Lester, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Jon Lester, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs’ Jon Lester wonders how he’ll do with the short spring training he’s got ahead of him. He’s into offseason mode, and he feels like it will require a few more starts to get ready.

The Chicago CubsJon Lester says he’s in ‘offseason’ mode, and it will take a little bit more time than Tyler Chatwood or Jose Quintana. He’s 36 years old; the others are 30 and 31, respectively. He’s 5+ years ahead of them. He’s going to take a little more to get ready. Okay, a lot more.

So what’s it mean to be ‘rushed?’ Well, it means that if they get the season going by July–it’ll be rushed–no doubt.  There will be two weeks–maybe three–of spring training give or take–in June. If they initially want to start on the first of July, they’d have a month to get into ‘playing shape.’ And that’s if they’re going to start in the first week of July. It’s not a given.

"“That’s hard because when you’re younger, it’s easier. Everything is easier,” Lester said Friday during an appearance on the MLB Network — adding that even during a typical spring training “you’re pretty sore” the first three or four days of throwing “no matter what you do in the offseason.” h/t Gordon Wittenmyer, NBC Sports Chicago"

He told Mark DeRosa–a former Cub–that to get to a regular five-inning start? He’d have to throw one or two weeks of spring camp. Welp. That’s ‘another’ spring training in the books. See, he’d have two–not one. Not as easy for the 36-year-old. Starting and stopping like that? That would be hard on me. Of course, I’m 40 with cancer. But 36 year old me? Not good.

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And of course, it puts a premium on available roster spots. Without the coronavirus, it would be ‘business as usual.’ But it’s not. Far from it. It’s a pandemic of epic proportions and needs to be treated as such.

So if it’s a ‘taxi squad’ with a couple of upper-level prospects? So be it. And if they keep carting the pitchers in and the ‘depth’ players are in good shape? That’s A.O.K. for me.