Chicago Cubs: My favorite memory vs. every National League team

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Chicago Cubs
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Here I present my favorite Chicago Cubs memory against every National League team. Some were easy to pick; others, not so much.

The Chicago Cubs have been in the National League for a long, long time. They have a long-standing rivalry with some of the teams and have played many memorable games against those opponents. With other National League clubs, they don’t have quite as strong of a rivalry and, therefore, not as many big moments.

However, with talk about possibly realigning the MLB teams this season (and maybe even beyond), it prompted me to think about my favorite Cubs memory against every NL team. Some of the decisions were easy, especially with organizations that they’ve met in the postseason, including the Atlanta Braves, San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, and St. Louis Cardinals. Other decisions were not so easy.

Still, researching this article brought back some beautiful memories from over the years and also prompted me to think about what a great league the National League has been for a long time. Whatever MLB does, NL rivalries still mean a lot to me.

Keep in mind that this is my list. I’ve been a Cubs fan since 1994, so I only included moments that have taken place since then. Your list might look completely different, depending on how long you’ve been a fan of the team. I wish I had indeed been around for some of the earlier Cubs’ seasons, so my list could be more comprehensive. But I think the fact that it’s personal is what makes it so unique.

With that, we’ll start with the NL West, then move to the NL East, and finally, we’ll cover the Cubs’ fellow NL Central teams. I hope this article brings back some great memories for you as it has for me.