Three Chicago Cubs who will be hurt most by shortened schedule

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With proposals on the table for a possible half-season of MLB play, it stands to reason that some Cubs will stand to gain from a shortened season. Then again, there will be those at a disadvantage as well.

We are living in unprecedented times in America during this lockdown due to Covid-19. Just as everyday life has been affected and changed drastically, so too has the sports world. In that same vein, there are aspects of life that have become better and more prominent due to the coronavirus- namely the ability to spend time with family, eat less fast food, and get more done around the house. While there are undoubtedly myriad drawbacks, some are making the most of the deadly virus that has wreaked havoc with life as we know it.

With the possibility that a baseball season could be played in 2020, there are sure to be winners and losers amongst baseball players- specifically the Chicago Cubs. Granted, it seems a bit trite and insensitive to say that we all aren’t losers amid this pandemic. Still, from a baseball standpoint, different players, coaches, and teams will be affected in different ways if MLB decides to play. Some players will play better without fans, with a strange schedule, and playing a more regionally-based schedule.

Of course, there’s always the inverse. Some players will also invariably perform at a level not indicative of their talent or track record. Some veterans might be a bit rusty because of the layoff and weird restart. Guys like Jon Lester or Yu Darvish aren’t exactly spring chickens anymore, and they haven’t exactly been models of consistency or health the past couple seasons. With all this in mind, let’s take a look at the three Cubs who will be most affected by a shortened season (if we end up playing at all, that is).