Cubs: Yu Darvish donates profits to brother-in-law who passed from cancer

Yu Darvish, Chicago Cubs(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Yu Darvish, Chicago Cubs(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs’ Yu Darvish likely made you a fan. It turns out he donated 100 percent of his YouTube channel to his brother-in-law, who died from cancer in September of 2018.

The Chicago CubsYu Darvish, whose brother-in-law passed from cancer, donated 100 percent of the proceeds last November. Darvish, who made $43,000 of the YouTube channel, gave the National Cancer Center half, and the other to NPO Little Ones, which supports single mothers in Japan.

Darvish became a media sensation poking fun at teammates, and the Houston Astros, as well. He’s living the best life as he can. And donating his brother-in-law will make you like him even more.

While I can’t speak for his brother-in-law, cancer is cancer. Whether it be prostate, bone or brain, (which I have, plus a resection), cancer is a serious disease. While it can’t spread beyond my brain, it can latch on to my vertebrae–which isn’t good.

While it’s ‘inoperable,’ if I get to that, I’m going to use my #NVRQT attitude to seek a second–or third–opinion. Darvish might not have a reason to seek a second opinion. But I do.

But Darvish is taking the income and making the most of it. Taking $43k and giving it to the National Cancer Center and the NPO Little Ones? Excellent job, Yu. And it came out two years later–not when it happened. That’s when you know it’s closed-mouthed when it doesn’t come up for two years.

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Darvish has become my idol, of sorts. He donates to cancer, plus it doesn’t come up until two years after the fact. Following a 2019 comeback, he looks to keep it up on the hill. Darvish, this one is for you.

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