Chicago Cubs: How much in-prime Anthony Rizzo remains?

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Chicago Cubs: So how many years will Rizzo have in his prime?

We cannot know for sure right now, but based on the factors listed, it is reasonable to think Rizzo can put up his typical production numbers a good 2-3 more years. This does not mean after this time, he will potentially just fall off a cliff, but games played and stat lines might start to dip a little. Even if he does slip slightly, he will still likely be a valuable player in the following years, just not at his usual level.

The number of years predicted might seem low based on his talent level, but again, the back issues. More games could be missed, and the swing might be affected by it to a degree. What could be very interesting is seeing if the National League adopts a DH rule, which could allow Rizzo to play the field less. Fielding is a significant strength of his, but putting less stress on his back could help prolong his career.

Say in 2021 (just because we are so uncertain of 2020 right now) the Cubs give Rizzo a five-year extension. He would be under contract until he is 36 years old, which for most players, regardless of health history, is when prime years are either right at the end or past. Rizzo deserves to be a Cub the rest of his career, but at least a five-year deal would secure the remaining top-years he has left.

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This franchise has been so fortunate to have Anthony Rizzo as their leader. Trading for him was one of the best deals in franchise history. Hopefully, he gives us many more years of production and more shiny trophies. Regardless of what he does in the future, his legacy is set in stone.