Chicago Cubs: The real story of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan / Chicago Cubs (DANIEL LIPPITT/AFP via Getty Images)
Michael Jordan / Chicago Cubs (DANIEL LIPPITT/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
Michael Jordan, Chicago Cubs (Photo credit should read DANIEL LIPPITT/AFP via Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs: When one star performed his last dance, another entered the spotlight.

The Bulls won their sixth championship on June 14, 1998, in Utah. It was that summer when Sammy Sosa embarked on the historic home run race. While Chicago celebrated another title, they were also captured by Sosa chasing down history. The month the Bulls clinched their title was also the month Sosa hit 20 of his 66 home runs.

So when did Jordan enter the picture here? It was September 13, 1998, when Sosa hit 61 and 62, breaking the record set by Roger Maris and tying Mark McGwire. Rick Gano of the Associated Press did a story on Jordan and his support for Sosa chasing history. Jordan said he [Sosa] should win NL MVP and how he called him after he hit his 62nd home run to congratulate him.

"“I called him when he hit his 62nd to say hello and wish him congratulations. And the first thing he said is, `When are you going to the Dominican Republic?′ -Michael Jordan"

When you get public endorsements from M.J. then you know you have made an impact. Jordan responded to Sosa’s invitation to the Dominican Republic by saying he would go join him for some golf one winter. Check out the full story by Gano here.