Chicago Cubs: Top five catchers in club history

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Chicago Cubs: Willson Contreras, 2016-Present

Last but not least, is the bad boy of baseball, the ‘Venezuelan Viper’, Willson Contreras. I am joking about the former, but the latter, not at all. If fact, I am going to bequeath that nickname upon Contreras officially. Maybe he will wear it one day, during Players Weekend.

Joking aside, Contreras wholeheartedly belongs on this list despite having played just four years with the Cubs. During the 2016 season, the 27-year-old backstop was integral to the championship-winning formula after posting 2.5 WAR and slashing .282/.357/.488 with a 126 wRC+.

Contreras has been consistent across the board since he joined the big league Cubs. Outside of a down year in 2018, Contreras has been worth at least two Wins Above Replacement in each season with a 120 or higher wRC+ each year in that stretch.

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While his defense is not lauded as even above-average by many in the game (looking mostly at framing), Contreras prides his leather on an impressive job in throwing out would-be base stealers. With probably the strongest arm in the game, Contreras has zero issues in trying to pick runners off, no matter the base.

One of the most fun things about Contreras is his passion for the game. It is unbridled to many, and few carry the level of energy Contreras does. He is the catalyst for the team in that way and pumps everyone up every day. Don’t look now, but Contreras could finish as the best catcher in Cubs history one day.