Cubs: Three new Cubs’ rumors that are stirring the pot

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Chicago Cubs: All-Star Battle Royale in the desert

I sure hope Morrow doesn’t take any of this to heart. To be honest, he blew me off in Los Angeles when I tried to get an autograph for my kid and so now I just like to pick on him. That doesn’t mean, however, that he is not oozing with nuggets of information every time he opens his mouth.

So I told you before that Morrow said our friend Wittenmyer from the Chicago Sun-times that he thought he had the perfect game for what is about to happen, but then he added one little nugget that will make this upcoming season really interesting. Morrow said to Wittenmyer:

"“And then there’s lots of rumors floating around about how the season will shake out. I think that benefits me, as well. Less games, more pressure to win. I don’t know what they’re going to do about salaries, but mine’s down anyway. So it’s easier to keep somebody like that around, I think. And if they expand rosters maybe, that would be another thing.”"

What? Did he just say if they expand the rosters? The plan unfolds for the forthcoming season.

MLB will allow teams to expand their rosters so each team can bring their very best to a big battle royale in the desert. Oh, this is going to be fun! Can you imagine if the Chicago Cubs can add utility Jason Kipnis, pitchers Adbert Alzolay and Dillon Maples, infielder Robel Garcia and, of course, one of Epstein’s ‘Cubs Killer Closers’ Morrow?

dark. Next. What three players could be traded?

Teams will be stacked with talent and beating each other up to hit a homer in the swimming pool at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. To me, it’s like an All-Star matchup between teams in a low pressure cooked house, just as Morrow described it. What other little juicy tricks has MLB got up its sleeves?

How about extended free agency? How about more Wild Card teams? How about a seven-game Division series? If MLB wants to make things exciting for audiences waiting on the 2020 season, why not go all the way?

Why not use the electronic strike zone for the shortened season? Hey, that’s what I call social distancing.