Chicago Cubs: Pitcher Adbert Alzolay creates mobile-mound for workouts

Adbert Alzolay #73, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
Adbert Alzolay #73, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /

How are the Chicago Cubs getting practice in the ‘new normal’? Cubs pitcher Adbert Alzolay built a mobile-mound he can take anywhere for a workout.

Let’s face it. When you are a high-profile prospect handpicked by the president of Chicago Cubs baseball Operations, Theo Epstein, you better be practicing all the time. It seems Adbert Alzolay had taken that bit of advice to heart when he recently displayed on twitter a little something he threw together: the mobile-mound.

I give Alzolay high marks for creativity, craftsmanship, portability and even looks.

The rectangular-shaped mobile-mound looks almost like a putting green with a downward slope. Alzolay made a wooden frame about a foot high and then added a top-down sloping platform. He put wheels on the backside boards so he could quickly move the mound around until for the perfect pitching space.

Alzolay covered the surface with a green faux artificial turf. The top backside of the mobile-mound features an excellent little white pitcher’s rubber that looks to be a little smaller than regulation size to accommodate the portability of the ‘Alzolay mobile-mound.’

Alzolay’ Tweet says:

"“We keep working even during this hard moment…"

Then Alzolay goes into his routine and shows everyone on Twitter a couple of really nice throws. With 36 Retweets and 657 Likes, I would venture to say that most fans were pretty pleased with his performance, and the comments all were supportive for Alzolay’s return to the mound.

In Alzolay’s four trips to the mound last season for the Cubs, most would call it a mixed bag. Alzolay was off to a red hot start against the New York Mets when he allowed just a single run and hit over four innings and five strikeouts.

Roughly five days after his successful MLB appearance, Alzolay made his first start against the Atlanta Braves, with similar results. Once again, he allowed just a single run and hit over four innings. Alzolay would finally show his mortality against the Pittsburgh Pirates, who carved him up with seven runs from 10 hits.

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Everyone is doing their best to stay in shape and be ready, whatever MLB has in store for the rest of this 2020 season. If there’s one message that Cubs fans are receiving when seeing Tweets from Cubs players such as Alzolay, it’s that the Cubs are aching and ready to get on the field and play. Go Cubs!