Cubs: Gov. Doug Ducey says Arizona will host ‘at the right time’

Chicago Cubs, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
Chicago Cubs, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs and Governor Doug Ducey said when the ‘at the right time,’ Arizona would host MLB.

The Chicago Cubs and Governor Doug Ducey clarified that until Arizona ‘clear’, meaning the coronavirus is gone, they would, ‘t cease the quarantine. He did, however, say that when  COVID-19 is absent? ‘Play ball’ will be uttered throughout Arizona–and Florida. But nowhere else. And in front of no fans. No fans? Ugh.

The MLB and the players’ union have had the discussion to start the season. Granted, it’s hinged on state, federal, local governments and health officials to lift the ban on COVID-19. It’s a tricky proposition to host MLB in Arizona and Florida, as well. While they have the hotel space, the logistics might be complicated.

"“We all want to make certain that the metrics and the data are proper before we’re able to go forward, but I think two words that would allow the country and the state of Arizona to know that things were headed back to normal would be: Play ball!” h/t Ronald Blum, Associated Press"

Also, the league has said they are cutting their pay by 35% to senior officials by way of the coronavirus. They are guaranteeing checks through May for full-time employees. With a lack of clarity, the employees are monitoring the news.

Chris Woodward, manager of the Texas Rangers, doesn’t know when–if ever–it’ll be safe. Not safe? Oh, boy.

"“I think we’re all concerned that there’s not going to be a season,” Woodward said. “I don’t know when it’s going to be safe, I think the virus will let us know. If that means that we start in June, July, August or not at all, we definitely are all kind of concerned that we may not be able to play this year, and that’s a reality.”"

I don’t know if it’ll be safe. The NBA, NASCAR, MLB and more are placing their bets on resuming the season. There are possible ‘scenarios’ that were discussed. But if what that first scenario falls flat? Then what?

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"“There’s a number of different scenarios,” the governor said. “I think the first scenario that was talked about was the idea of these clubs coming, being in hotels and in a way, having their own stay-at-home orders whether it either be at the hotel, or inside the stadium, without fans. … It’s something that Arizona is open minded to, and I’m open minded to.”"

So Governor Ducey is keeping to an ‘open mind.’ But what if there’s not an ‘open mind’ to keep to?