Chicago Cubs: Things that get forgotten about the 2015 season

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Chicago Cubs: The 2015 bullpen was a revolving door of veteran relievers. Some worked and some did not.

It is kind of fun looking back at some of the names that helped the Cubs out of the bullpen in 2015 including the likes of Fernando Rodney, Clayton Richard, Jason Motte and Trevor Cahill. However not all experiments worked out and their time in Chicago was incredibly brief it can be forgotten about. This is a case with Rafael Soriano.

Soriano overall had a very successful career and was one of the better relievers in baseball for a number of years. He was an All Star with Tampa Bay in 2010 and finished his career with a 2.89 ERA and 1.1 WHIP in 591 appearances. His final six appearances of his 14-year career were with the Cubs in 2015 at age 35, and it was not pretty.

After bringing him in via free agency late July, he was hoped to help solidify the back end of the pen. In fact, he was made room for on the roster after Edwin Jackson was designated for assignment on July 19. However in six games he pitched to a 6.35 ERA and 1.6 WHIP in 5 2/3 innings. In one of his appearances he gave up the go-ahead Carlos Gonzalez in the game eventually won on Kris Bryant’s famed walkoff homer.

Why mention Soriano? Well, he was a notable name in baseball and his resume was very impressive. His time was just so brief it can be easy for fans to forget a guy of his caliber was here. Kind of like Joe Nathan on the 2016 team.