Chicago Cubs: Bobby Dernier still remains a fan favorite to this day

Bob Dernier, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Owen C. Shaw/Getty Images)
Bob Dernier, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Owen C. Shaw/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs (Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs: The end of 1984 and the Cubs run

In the 1984 National League Championship Series, Dernier led off the first inning of Game 1 with a home run and fans went crazy. The Cubs went on to win that first game 13-0. Every Cubs fan knows the history of this promised year of 1984 as the Cubs ended up losing the five game series to the Sand Diego Padres, three games to two.

In Game Five, Professor Sutcliffe took the mound again for the Cubs and it looked like the team would finally be heading to the World Series after getting three runs in the first two innings. The Padres answered in the sixth inning with two runs and then a season-ending four runs in the seventh inning, which the Cubs could not recover from. For fans this was the closest the Cubs had gotten to the championship and fans once again recited, “Wait till next year”.

Dernier eventually played two more season for the Cubs putting up great numbers before going back to the Phillies in 1988 and finally retiring in 1990. Dernier reunited with his favorite MLB team, the Chicago Cubs, in 2007 and served as the Cubs minor league outfield and baserunning coordinator and was named the first base coach in August 2010 and kept the job until 2012.

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Today Dernier is 63 years old and can still be seen attending Cubs Conventions and is happy to talk about the Cubs and baseball with fans. If the Cubs make another move to the championship, maybe we’ll get to see and hear from the great Bobby Dernier once again.

Thank you Mr. Dernier for making my summer of 1984 a year to remember.