Chicago Cubs: Five unique records and milestones set by Cubs

Hack Wilson, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Photo File/Getty Images)
Hack Wilson, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Photo File/Getty Images) /
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Hack Wilson, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Mark Rucker/Transcendental Graphics, Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs: There are a few seasons more underrated than Hack Wilson’s 1930 season.

One record that nobody has come close to breaking is the single-season RBI record (191) set by former Cubs outfielder and Hall of Famer Hack Wilson in 1930. The next closest person to match that number was Lou Gehrig in 1931, who drove in 184 that year.

To put this record in perspective, Manny Ramirez’s 165 RBI in 1999 was is the highest single-season RBI total by anyone since 1938 when Jimmie Foxx drove in 169. So the most recent player to come “close” to Wilson was still 26 off.

Wilson’s RBI total was not the only record he shattered that year. His 56 home runs broke the National League record, which had been previously set by Hall of Famer Chuck Klein in 1929 when he hit 43.

Hitting 50+ home runs during that time was something people only saw from Babe Ruth. Wilson honestly had himself a Ruth-like season with a .356/.454/.723 slash along with those 56 homers and 191 RBIs. Cannot leave out the 171 wRC+, 8.0 fWAR and 1.177 OPS.

While the RBI record still stands, his NL home run record in a single season was broken in 1998 by Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. While broken, that record still stood for a solid 68 years.

Who knows if anyone will match that RBI record Wilson set, it’s going to be quite a feat if someone does. It might be hard or even impossible today to find someone still alive who witnessed and remembered Wilson’s 1930 season, but we should look back and appreciate the year the Cubs had their version of The Babe.