Building a Chicago Cubs All-Star super team for the record books

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Chicago Cubs: A less-star-studded position in history

Starter: Andy Pafko

Pafko joined the Cubs after he was bought from Green Bay (Wisconsin State) for $1,000 back in 1941. During his nine years in Chicago, he hit .294 average with 126 home runs and 584 driven in. The five-time all-star finished his career with 960 games played.

Backup: Leon Durham

Although he was primarily a first baseman, Durham saw some time in center field, as well. He joined the Cubs in the Bruce Sutter trade with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1980. In eight years with Chicago, he played in 921 games, putting up some impressive numbers. He earned a Silver Slugger  in 1982, his second season with the team.

Honorable Mention: Dexter Fowler, Kosuke Fukudome

A brief note here. You have to mention Fowler with this group because without him, the team likely doesn’t end a century-plus of suffering in 2016. He set the table flawlessly for that World Series championship team, forever cementing his place in Cubs lore.