Chicago Cubs March Madness Bracket – Round of 32

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(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images for BMW) /
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As we settle into shelter at home and quarantined states across the country, here’s the first round of matchups and how our favorite players fared against one another in the March Madness, Chicago Cubs Edition.

Without any semblance of Chicago Cubs sports or normality in American society currently, it’s hard to be excited about the prospects surrounding much of anything right now. That being said, we’re here to keep you entertained and add some happiness to your day. What better way to do such a thing than to give you a little bit of Cubs baseball history and a tie into the best tournament of the year? March Madness.

Regardless of your knowledge of the Chicago Cubs, this is an opportunity to get to know some of the greatest Cubs of all time, their eras, their stats, and what kind of players they were. It’s also a way to pit modern versus old school players in an attempt to settle who is the GOAT in Cubs history.

When designing the brackets, the parameters were pretty simple. Using career bWAR for all players, the bWAR is a total amount of bWAR garnered during a Chicago Cubs. Note that some of the players would be much higher if their career bWAR with different teams were used, but that may or may not come into play when we start having these players square off against each other to determine how they advance through the bracket.

For now, the object is to rank all of the players, create 1 through 16 seeds, and then set up matchups in four different regional brackets. For more significant fan input and to have your voice heard about who should win each matchup, please comment and make your picks on both the Facebook and Twitter links to this specific article. And, of course, check back as we progress through the bracket.