Chicago Cubs: Where does the 2016 team rank among recent champions?

Anthony Rizzo #44, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Anthony Rizzo #44, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Not dominant in October, but they came through when it counted

Where the Chicago Cubs fall short of some of these other postseason squads was a lack of sheer dominance in the postseason.

We hear it all the time from our counterparts on the South Side. That White Sox team that won the 2005 World Series lost just one game in the postseason. It was the first game of the American League Championship Series against the Los Angeles Angels.

Meanwhile, there was a lot more adversity on the Cubs’ road to winning their World Series Championship in 2016. They were 11-6 overall in the playoffs .

Here’s how this stacks up against other World Series champions in the last 25 years. Ultimately, wins are all that matters in the postseason which is why we’re going with record over things like run differential, etc.

Ultimately though all those teams won championships which is all that matters. How they got there is irrelevant (minus the 2017 Astros and that whole cheating thing).

In an idealistic world, we could put all these guys in time machines, return them to their primes, and have each of these teams battle each other out in a bracket-format tournament between the greatest teams we’ve seen in the last 25 years.

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That of course is impossible. Everything about ranking these teams is speculative. But at least based on sheer dominance in a team’s individual season, the Cubs rank right up there as one of the best.