Cubs 5 forgotten moments from Game 7 of 2016 World Series

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Chicago Cubs: Francisco Lindor preserves the tie

This play is so good; I still do not understand how Francisco Lindor managed to pull it off.

Even after Davis’ homer in the eighth, the Cubs mounted a rally in the ninth. Ross led off with a walk against Indians closer Cody Allen, and–after a fielder’s choice–Jason Heyward stole second base, advancing to third on the throw.

The Cubs suddenly had the go-ahead run at third base with just one out. But Baez fouled out after trying to bunt with two strikes, leaving it up to Fowler with two outs.

Chicago’s leadoff man was having a whale of a game, having already tallied three hits in four at-bats. The Cubs probably could not have handpicked a better player for that spot.

Indeed, Fowler sprayed one up the middle, seemingly giving the Cubs the lead. Only, Lindor ranged from the shortstop hole to field the ball and throw Fowler out by a step in one motion, preserving the tie for the Indians.

Granted, Lindor was shading towards second base due to the shift.

Still, that does not explain his ridiculous reaction time, nor the fact he threw a strike against his body to get the speedy Fowler by a full step.

For a second-year shortstop to make that play under the circumstances is pretty miraculous, but also it speaks to Lindor’s current star power.