Chicago Cubs: Top five games in the last 100 years

Cubs fan, 1988 (Photo by: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Cubs fan, 1988 (Photo by: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs (Photo Reproduction by Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs have played in so many amazing games. However, if you had to choose, here are my picks for the top five Cubs games in the last 100 years.

5. The Highest Scoring Game in MLB History

Number five on my list of best Chicago Cubs games played during the previous 100 years has been a part of MLB history for the last 98 years. The game was a slugfest at Cubs Park, now known as Wrigley Field. This game took place 98 years ago in 1922 when the Chicago Cubs took on the Philadelphia Phillies at home.  Over 7,000 Cubs and Phillies fans filled the park waiting to see the second-place Cubs take on a seventh-place Phillies team.

This Cubs team featured Chicago Cubs legendary outfielder Hack Miller, who went  4-for-5 with two homers, six RBIs, three runs scored, and a walk that day for the Cubs.

The Cubs led off the marathon scoring (1-0) in the first inning when Cubs first baseman Ray Grimes drove in the leadoff hitter and Cubs centerfielder Cliff Heathcote with two outs.  The Phillies would answer in the second inning going up (3-1), but that would be the last time they would ever lead the game.

The Cubs added 10 runs in their turn at bat and after two innings led the Phillies (11-3).  Although the Cubs had already come out quite strong in the game, nothing was as crazy as the Cubs fourth inning where they added 14 runs on 11 hits and two errors.  For the second time in the game, the Cubs had put up double digits. With a score of (25-6), no one was expecting the Phillies to crawl out of that deep hole.

However, by the ninth inning, the Phillies were only down by three (26-23) and had the tying run at the plate but was struck out, ending the highest-scoring game in MLB history with 49 runs scored in a single major league game.

The Cubs beat the Phillies (26-23) in the highest-scoring game in MLB history and my fifth best Cubs game in the last 100 years.