Chicago Cubs: What players have been up to since baseball got postponed

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Chicago Cubs
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Let’s use social media to check in on what the Chicago Cubs players have been up to since the MLB season got postponed.

All us Chicago Cubs fans are out here waiting for baseball. Someday, it will return when all the craziness of the present-day situation calms down, and we get that coveted return to normalcy.

When MLB indefinitely postponed the beginning of the season on March 12 and all the fun novelties of the 2020 baseball season got put on hold, Cubs players had the option to remain at Chicago’s Spring training facility in Arizona, go to Chicago, or go to their hometowns.

We’re going to use the player’s social media accounts to get a glimpse at what some of the Cubs players have been up to in the two weeks since the baseball season was put on hold.

Chicago Cubs’ Willson Contreras has a ‘creative’ idea

A once in a decade creative idea.

Willson Contreras has won the quarantine so far with this resourceful way of still getting his batting practice in for the day even without a batting cage (after all, we can’t all be Kris Bryant and have an at-home full set up batting cage, right?).

Some questions for Willson:

1). What kind of ball is he using? It makes a bit of a crack when it contacts the bat, and it’s flying with too much velocity to be a whiffle ball or a Nerf ball, right?

2) His makeshift home plate is just feet away from a car in one of the videos. If he shanks the ball a bit to his right when he makes contact with the ball, it’s shattering a window if it has any sort of hardness at all. So it has to be a softer ball then, right?

3). Contreras can hit a baseball a long way (remember the 491-foot dinger in Game 4 of the National League Championship Series in 2017 off of poor Alex Wood). There are two different videos of Contreras taking batting practice with the Nerf gun.

It looks like he’s playing at his house in both videos. How isolated is his house from other houses/how big is his backyard for him to feel comfortable hitting those balls and not worrying about breaking anything?