Chicago Cubs: Top 5 essentials for every Cubs fan

Chicago Cubs. (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)
Chicago Cubs. (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Seeing it with my own eyes

4. Good Seats or an Excellent 1080p/4K Television

Location, location, location! While I don’t think there is a bad seat in all of Wrigley Field, it’s like St. Peter’s Basilica to me, you’ve got to have good seats where you can enjoy the game. For some, that may be the bleachers, but for others it’s about the shade or rain.

Fans don’t want to get baked in their seat by the sun or washed out during rain storms. I’ve always found that the stands that are off Left Field are best, almost directly between the dirt of the infield and the ivy. Then sit just under the overhang of the stands above, and you can go to a game anytime, and the sun won’t be an issue.

If you’re hosting a Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers party-game in your home, then you have to step up from that 720p television. These days, it’s got to be no less than a 1080p television experience.

A 4K television would be the preferred screen for viewing, but 1080p is even achievable on projectors, which could also open up the possibility of a theater-type experience for your game as you watch Baez swim-slide into second base. We’ve even watched the games in 3D using a setting on the Smart TV, which makes everything 3D! Then just put on your glasses and there you are – right in Wrigley Field!

3. The Right Food is Essential for the Right Ambiance During the Game

Have you ever gone to a game and get to your seats and someone announces that they are going to go and get food, and then you never see them again. By the third inning, you’re trying to flag down a cop and file a missing person’s report. What the heck? You come to the game so you can sit in line and feed your face?

Yes, especially if it’s bratwurst or deep dish pizza.

Food is just as popular as the game in Chicago. There are all the usual goodies around the park during the game and excellent choices of burgers, pizzas, or ethnics food around Wrigleyville after the game.

If you’re outside Chicago, some folks like to do ballpark hot dogs, bratwurst, and local deep dish pizza to bring that Chicago flavor to their games. Even White Castle hamburgers and cheeseburgers found in the frozen section of your local retail store bring that Chicagoland Midwest touch to Cubs game gatherings across the country.