Chicago Cubs: Top five most memorable ejections of all-time

Carlos Zambrano / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Carlos Zambrano / Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs: Joe Maddon had every right to be mad at this one.

The most recent incident on this list took place in the 2017 postseason when the Cubs faced the Dodgers in the NLCS. It was Game 4 and the Cubs were looking to stay alive in the series which they were down 3-0. Like the previous ejection on this list it took place late in a close game.

While clinging to a 3-2 lead, closer Wade Davis was going for the multi-inning save. With two out and a runner on he faced veteran Curtis Granderson. On a 2-2 pitch Granderson swung and missed at a Davis breaker to end the inning … or at least that is what it looked like and should have happened. After he swung, Granderson and Dodgers manager Dave Roberts pleaded to umpire Jim Wolf that he foul-tipped it. Despite replay showing he clearly did not, the umpires met up and Wolf called it a foul ball.

A shower of boos from the Wrigley faithful were raining down onto the field as Joe Maddon stormed out of the dugout. Yelling words like, “That’s up!” and pointing to the replay on the big video board asking how on Earth they missed a call like that. As Maddon continued to rant he was thrown out.

"“That can’t happen. The process was horrible – If Granderson hits the next pitch out you know I might come running out of the clubhouse in my jock strap,” he told the media in the postgame."

Luckily Davis struck out Granderson on the next pitch and it ended up not hurting. The umpires eventually admitted their mistake and it was over. Why did this make the list? It was a big missed call in a big spot with a playoff game on the line and it got a great Maddon quote in the postgame presser.