Chicago Cubs: Top five most memorable ejections of all-time

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Chicago Cubs: Not surprising to see Joe West being involved in a colorful ejection.

The 1991 Cubs were a pretty forgettable squad as they went 77-83 and missed the playoff by plenty. It saw the end of Don Zimmer‘s managerial tenure in Chicago early in the season with Jim Essian eventually taking over. However July 23, 1991 was a night that gave a very “blah” season something entertaining.

That night the Cubs were taking on the defending champion Cincinnati Reds. With the Cubs up in the seventh inning, future Hall of Famer Andre Dawson stepped up to the plate. Dawson saw a 2-2 pitch low and away get called for a third strike by home plate umpire Joe West. Dawson was furious as he threw his arms up and began barking at West. While being held back by a teammate, Dawson began barking even louder, and wouldn’t you know West threw him out.

“Mount St. Dawson” as WGN sports reporter Dan Roan referred to him as slammed his bat and helmet down screaming all sorts of profanity toward West. While still fuming as he went back to the dugout, Essian came out of the dugout and he was also tossed. The best was yet to come.

Dawson, now back in the dugout, decided to send one more message of displeasure by grabbing the bats on the rack and throwing them all onto the field. The crowd roared as the bats flew gracefully into the air and onto the grass. As West began walking towards the dugout…Dawson threw another pair of bats on the field as he screamed at him. You can watch that ejection here.

Dawson said in the postgame interview he would look back and laugh at it.