Chicago Cubs’ Brandon Morrow expects there to be baseball in 2020

Brandon Morrow, Willson Contreras, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images)
Brandon Morrow, Willson Contreras, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs’ Brandon Morrow is counting on baseball this year. How much of it is the question?

The Chicago Cubs and Brandon Morrow expect there to be baseball in 2020. The question is, how much?  The season could be pushed back to mid-May, early June–minimum. And there’s a question of spring training and if they’d keep it going for a few weeks.

Morrow thinks there be baseball. There’s no doubt about that. As far as how many games there be? That’s the question. There will be a shortened season, that much is true. But Morrow thinks they’ll be a 2020 season. The Cubs’ Gordon Wittenmyer has the story: 

"“It’s going to be shortened, obviously. I don’t know how many games they’ll try to fit in. Everything’s up in the air.”"

That’s the thing. Morrow says it will be beneficial to the club, especially him. The last time spring training was on a regular schedule, Morrow was limping from a severely strained calf muscle. After the chest muscle that was supposed to be typical–which he missed all off the 2019 season–he’s due.

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"“The good news is my elbow feels good,” he deadpanned after the chest injury."

He missed all of the 2019 season. The only thing they can count on? Jeremy Jeffress (Eh), and Craig Kimbrel (Double, Eh), as far as experience. The shorter season, though? Priceless. Managing through April to May to mainly June? Fantastic, if the actual season gets going about that time.

"“It’s weird that we have to [do this],” he said, gesturing to the oddity of conducting an interview with a beat writer through a fence at a 6-foot distance. “I don’t think people know what to think. It’s kind of day-to-day. It’s weird.”"

That it is. But the Cubs know this is not a guarantee. The St. Louis Cardinals series in the UK? 50/50. The All-Star Game? Borderline. Kyle Schwarber and the All-Star nod? Nope. And if you think about it, a month and a half are not going to cut it. The All-Star Game isn’t going to happen.

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So the UK series and the All-Star Game? Nope. It is not going to happen unless the UK series takes part. The series is supposed to take place June 13 and 14–slightly after the ‘work stoppage,’ if that’s what you want to call it. Take your bets.

Morrow seems to believe that the regular season will happen. And that’s probably true. The coronavirus virus will hit its peak and calm down. Whether that’s in two weeks or a month? Who knows. As long as the season gets going by the second half of the year, we’re good. We’re good, right?