Chicago Cubs: Baseball could stop the spread of COVID-19

Chicago Cubs (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
Chicago Cubs (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Coming to the rescue

So baseball has been stopped literally, and why? Well, crowds and social contact are an issue these days with every leader and doctor swearing that limited social contact is the only way to stop the spread of COVID-19 until there is a cure.

So many colleges have stopped playing in front of fans, and TV shows have stopped taping in front of audiences and this is a great thing. Crowds should not be gathering together. Instead, they should be at home, watching baseball on television.

Oh, I know what questions are on the tip of your tongue. “What about the players, team and coaches?”

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Let’s talk about that in just a moment. First, I want you to understand how MLB can save America, and by doing so, will allow baseball to be played. Just like when the Cubs first hit the World’s Greatest Network (WGN) airwaves in 1948 across the country, there weren’t many other channels being broadcast on television at the time. That’s the reason so many people watched the Cubs games on WGN. It was something fun and exciting to watch on TV.  Across the country, the American family gathered in the home, making everyone’s favorite dishes and watching the Chicago Cubs together.

How are things different now?

They aren’t very much different than they were in 1948. Today, the government would like people to stay home if they are sick but also begin to think about staying home in general to limit social contact. The Chicago Cubs new Marquee Sports Network could be broadcasting the Cubs as a national service across the nation. The teams would play in front of no crowds except their teams, coaches, staff, broadcast team (Cameramen, producers, etc.), and their families (I’ll explain later).

During commercial breaks, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or even the federal government could pass information to America.

Maybe it’s a bridge too far to think the Cubs could do it all, but why couldn’t MLB? Use the commercial breaks to pass info to America.  All the latest news about COVID-19 as you watch the game!

“Stay inside, wash hands, minimal social contact” could be running on every break of the game. Local networks could take the feed as well and broadcast which days specific neighborhoods in a city could shop at the local grocery store. Baseball would be saving America by keeping everyone inside, indoors, entertaining us and providing everyone life-saving information. Why can’t they do it?

Oh, yes… what about the players and the team’s safety?