Fantasy Outlook for 2020 Chicago Cubs

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Chicago Cubs: Schwarber is really the only guy worth a fantasy pick

Other than Kyle Schwarber, who would you even take in the Cubs outfield in a fantasy draft? With defense being of little (or no) importance in most fantasy leagues, Jason Heyward is pretty much out of the question.

As a guy who is an elite defender when in right field, he’s a solid choice for a ball club in real life, but as just a hitter, he’s in the bottom third of all MLB outfielders since joining the Cubs. Ditto for Albert Almora, whose anemic hitting was at an all-time low last season (to go along with his lackluster defense in 2019 as well).

Ian Happ is a possible later-round pick up if you’re willing to bet on his potential and ability to be in the lineup consistently. If not, it’s tough to take Happ because his track record hasn’t given you anything consistent to bank on. If he starts and plays 140 games, he would undoubtedly be a good pick up. However, can anyone guarantee that’s going to happen?

Steven Souza Jr. seems to be a bench guy or, at best, a short-side platoon guy who will only be facing left-handed pitchers consistently. That’s hardly a fantasy pick in any league.

Who not to take on the Cubs brings us back to the one guy who you should take with a relatively high pick. Without getting into a philosophical debate about defense and whether or not you like Schwarber playing it, there is no doubt about Schwarber as the hitter.

He’s going to hit at least 30 home runs, with the likelihood being well over 40 if he’s the everyday left fielder. He should drive in a ton of runs in a lineup that looks to have Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo solidified at the top of it.

If Bryant and Rizzo are leading things off, it seems almost a given that Javier Baez would hit third and Schwarber fourth. Throw in Willson Contreras for protection behind him, and Schwarber should get a lot of opportunities to drive in runs and do damage. If he continues the run he started in the second half last season, Schwarber should be a top 20 outfielder in fantasy, with a push into the top 10 possible.