Fantasy Outlook for 2020 Chicago Cubs

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Chicago Cubs
Kris Bryant, Javier Baez, David Bote, Anthony Rizzo, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

While predictions for the Chicago Cubs as a team are a little harder to pinpoint, fantasy baseball enthusiasts should enjoy another good year picking Cubs players for their teams.

One of the best parts about playing any form of fantasy sports and the Chicago Cubs is getting to play GM in an imaginary world. As a fantasy GM, you get to make trades, pick up players on hunches, drop players because of rumors, and manage your team as you see fit. It’s a dream come true for every armchair quarterback in America.

While fantasy football parallels with NFL football as the most significant thing going in the sports world in 2020, fantasy baseball isn’t far behind. Nearly 60 million Americans took part in fantasy sports this past year, with many looking at the business side of the arrangement with even less emotion than ruthless front offices. However, in baseball, fans are tied to teams and players for a much longer season–with 10 times as many games to worry about.

Baseball also presents an opportunity to strategize based on pitching matchups, ballparks, and handedness in a way that is much different than other sports. It’s something that many who follow and love the game have embraced and are now passionate about because of the inherent subtleties and nuances of the competition.

All that being said, fantasy sports is still a matter of looking at past performance and attempting to predict future performance- no different than what a manager or front office has to do on a daily basis.

And, since so many fans love to second-guess and excoriate their team’s decisions, it allows them to manage their own squad. Cubs fans are no different than fans of any other team (if you get on twitter pretty much any day), so without further ado, here are the Cubs you should and should not draft and where they might be most valuable.